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Welcome to Advocate Homes

Advocate homes was founded in 2005. Whilst we may be young we most certainly have the advantage of experience. Boasting many years of building expertise through our team, the people here at Advocate Homes are passionate about our developments and we believe that this is reflected in the craftsmanship evident throughout our work.
We are local and we build locally that's how you can be sure of carefully selected projects encompassing both new builds and renovations that add sympathetically to existing communities.
Advocate Homes is privately owned which means that you get an attention to detail and personal service that you deserve. All of our new homes are architect designed which means that the space you acquire is perfectly suited to modern luxury living.
Through careful sourcing we ensure that the materials used in building your home are as high in quality as they are in aesthetic appearance.
At Advocate Homes our craftsmanship is your guarantee.
Take a closer look at our current developments to find your new Advocate Home.

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